XLS Formatter input file and out file variables


I have created a workflow to write multiple excel files and color the first few rows of every excel file using Continental extension (XLS Formatter).

My problem is I can’t find way to pass dynamic path of excel (links to excel file name and file location where node Excel writer is writing to ) to “Input File” and “Output File” of this node.

I have looked in to few of examples but I am still can not figure it out how to make this happen.

Do you have any comment / suggestion of where I should look into?

Thks a lot

Hi kengdeb,
I guess the XLS Formatter node does not support the new path type. So you need to convert it to a string using the Path to String (Variable) node between the Excel Writer and the XLS Formatter node.


You could check out various ways to use and import Excel Files. Maybe the examples can help you

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Thks a lot. It works.


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The configuration in your share workflows looks very interesting.

Thks for sharing.

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