XLS Reader (Excel): Cells with formulas generate errors


I used the XLS Reader to read a couple of XLSX files. Everything works fine except the following topic. If a value in an Excel cell is created by a formula, then an error (or missing value) occurs in this cell.

Did anyone already know the same problem?




Hi Frank,

The XLS Reader should be able to evaluate formulas. But not all of what is available in XL is supported by the Apache POI library (which is the library used by the XLS Reader). And of course if you installed any additional libraries in XL or use macros, that will not be handled by the XLS Reader.

  - Peter.


Hi Peter

The cell that I want to read has a "standard" formula like "=sheet1!C123", but the content of this source cell "C123" is based on additional libraries. That might be the described problem.





Because there is a new XLS Reader in Verion 2.9 I want to come back to the above mentioned problem with the cells in Excel that causes problems because there is a underlying formula based on an additional library.

It it possible to ignore the formula behind a value and only take the value as it is?






I would like to know if there is any update on this matter.

Thank you!

Hello Frank, hello juanbretti,

I have created a feature request for this and will keep you posted.


was this issue solved … as I am facing same issue xls reader not readng some of the formulas

@sachinsearch have you tried to activate “Reevaluate formulas”?


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Yes, I have already tried that but still some complex formulas like long vlookup or date formulas showing error when read using excel reader.