XLS Reader - Invalid Settings - Please select a worksheet

Dear All,

I am unable to resolve this error: Invalid settings: Please select a worksheet. " after I have selected the flow variable as “Location”. Then I tried to set the sheet to read as “first sheet with data” but the error still occurs.

Could you guide me to resolve this issue? :smiley:

Can you attach the XLS file to this thread or is it confidential / proprietary / … ? Also, could you provide a screenshot of the workflow?

Dear @quaeler ,

Thank you so much for your help!

Sreenshot of workflow:

Ah, i see the problem… the first file listed in your first node is one of those macOS .DS_Store files which the operating system uses to cache a bunch of junk.

In the List Files node, add that to the filter section so it doesn’t get added to your list of files.

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Dear @quaeler ,

This does not filter .DS_Store in the Excel Reader Node, could you provide the screenshot of how it could be filtered? Sorry, I just started using Knime recently.

I tried the following filter:

Dear @quaeler,

Thanks for figuring out the main issue.
I have just directly removed the .DS_Store from the folder instead.

Open up Terminal
In the command line, cd to/your/directory
Finally, in the command line, type: find . -name '.DS_Store' -type f -delete .

Thank you!!


Sorry - was away. Glad this worked!


Hi there @miss_rl,

adding .DS_Store in filter means: only the files with that extension will be included in the list. To have it excluded you can do this:



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