XLS Reader issue

I am trying to use XLS reader to read excel file.
The file can be opened in Excel, it is .XLSX format, it can be previewed in the XLS reader.
But now I still got this error, what I can do to fix it? Thanks.
The supplied POIFSFileSystem does not contain a BIFF8 ‘Workbook’ entry. Is it really an excel file?

Try to re-save file in Excel. It has some structure flows.


I did that , didn’t work.
I am on knime 3.2.1

Why not 4.1.3? Try to upgrade.


I can’t upgrade to a newer version, we use Knime and developed many packages already…

Hi @fanrf,

if that is the case you can try reading file with Python or R.

What is your plan with updating or you are staying on 3.2.1 forever? :smiley:


Thanks for the quick response.
Yeah…I may need to do the upgrade…

You may try to install 3.7.2 as one of the very stable and compatible release.
Also, as your version is pretty old, you can try Actian nodes for KNIME. They require version 3.1.2 but still may work.

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Thanks! I appreciate the help.

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