XLS Reader More options do not work


Hello everyone,
I experience a bug with XLS Reader, the more options part is in Grey and cannot be edited, I wanted to uncheck the preview because the node gets completely stuck with just showing the preview every time, and it looks like the attached screenshot…

My KNIME version is 4.0.0 and all the extensions are updated!!

Thank you for your help.


Excel Reader (XLS): "More Options" frozen
4.0.0 Excel Reader - More Options greyed out

Hi @BolaK92 -

Welcome to the forum!

This is definitely some strange behavior - we’ll look into it and see what’s going on. Thanks for reporting it!

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Update: our developers have identified the issue, so this should be resolved soon. Thanks again.



Thank you for replying and caring about the issue. I will always be glad to give constructive feedback.
Best of luck