XLS sheet appender error-execute failed

I built a KNIME workflow, and it writes data into one EXCEL (.xlsx) template, and once the data is updated the pivot figures based on the data will also get updated. This works good in the first batch of testing, but now I encountered an issue on the Webportal occassionally. This means sometimes, it works good, but sometimes i see the below message:

XLS Sheet Appender 5:398 - ERROR: Execute failed: A part with the name '/xl/drawings/drawing4.xml' already exists : Packages shall not contain equivalent part names and package implementers shall neither create nor recognize packages with equivalent part names. [M1.12]

Can you please help?




unfortunatly we don't know the reason for this error. Could you please provide us with a minimal workflow (and XLSX file) that reproduces it?

Thanks, Patrick

Thanks Patrick.

It took me some time to create the sample workflow that can reproduce the error. Please find the workflow, source data and the result template in the below page:


Let me know if you need more information.





Hi Patrick,

The error can be reproduced when i select the Analysis Type of "Citation". Thank you.



Hello Echo,

This seems to be an error in the underlying library. We will check if this can be fixed with an update of the library or if we can build a workaround.

Can you please upload your workflow, the data and the template again, here in the forum? Your link to WeTransfer has expired.