XLS Writer Deprecated


Is there a way to bring back XLS Writer [Deprecated] into node repository? 

I did try to edit org.knime.ext.poi_3.3.0.v201612012034.jar in C:\Program Files\KNIME\plugins

Edit the plugin.xml file and remove all deprecated="True" 

but that didn't help. 


I still use XLS Writer, as it's the only node that can save to excel and resize the columns afterwards. Excel Writer still doesn't have that option working (I believe it's with Dev). 


At the moment I just keep a dummy workflow with that node, so that I can copy and paste, but it would be helpful to have it listed in the node repository section. Is it possible? Can I at least do it locally? 

Kind regards,

Hello Joseph,

this is not possible. The only solution is to copy the existing node.

We will release a bug fix release next week which will also contain this fix.

Best, Iris

Ah, that's amazing news, very helpful. Thank you.