XLS Writer

Dear Knime professionals:

This could be a feature request.  And at the same time, let me clarify that I haven't used XLS writer extensively.

I am wondering whether it is possible to write in to a specific cell or area in excel worksheet rather than write in to a new file or write in to a new worksheet.  Let me explain further:

I have used XLS writer or appender to write in to a file or worksheet in columns a thro f.  I have some more to write in to the same worksheet.  Can I specify that the new data should be written in the columns g thro s?

Thanks in anticipation of a response.


Sridhar Venu


Couldn't you just write everything at once in your XLS instead that in two distinct steps?

To my knowledge the XLS Writer node doesn't allow to target specific cells in an existing worksheet keeping all the rest unchanged.

You can always target those cells in a new additional worksheet and then copy/paste its content on top of the previous worksheet from within Excel.


Hello Sridhar,

As fas as I know the XLS Writer creates a new file, while the XLS Sheet Appender creates a new sheet. No way to insert into an existing one.

But of course you can read in your existing sheet, manipulate it in the KNIME Analytics Platform (i.e. use a Column Appender to append G - S to your existing A - F) and replace the existing sheet.

If you want assistance with that please let me know.