XLSX huge files (5MB) importing error GC overhead limit exceed

Hi all, 

I am new to the KNIME usage. I am using KNIME 2.6.3 version.

Trying to import a data file whilch is in Excel(xlsx) format using excel reader node. The data size is 5MB with 7000 rows and 79 columns. 

But every time I am getting the below error. 

GC overhead limit exceed.

Please excuse me if this is already answered in your in some of the threads.




Hi Ajay,

Have you tried increasing the Heap size of KNIME's VM? (-Xmx in the knime.ini file)

You can check the memory usage using the memory monitor (File/Preferences/General/Show heap status)

Hope this helps. Cheers, gabor

Surely there must be something wrong in the xls reader node code for it to max out on memory for a 5mb file. That seems quite small to me. I have noticed its dealing of xlsx files very slow indeed. Something must be wrong here.