XML node

Hi KNIME developers,

I have had some success implementing general Knime nodes, but I am now a little stuck with creating a node that takes XML as an input and emits XML as an output.

I am using within high-dimensional data analysis a few tools that require XML input and produce an XML output, that is in turn utilised by other tools. While undertaking a proof-of-concept study, I would need to implement at least a basic node where I can read in an XML file (done), but pass XML output to downstream nodes that in turn could consume the XML.

Has this already been done? I can’t find this in the forum, and the help pages do not cover such scenarios! Where should I start?

Thanks for your help - marvellous tool - please keep up the wonderful work


Interesting problem - I ran into something similar in my work, but never got to finish it up. My plan was to read in my XML, extract the information in the form of a table, then handle the data in KNIME table format.

If I’m understanding your post correctly, it seems you need to write the data back to an XML file at the end. To my knowledge there isn’t a built in node in KNIME to do this. But it might save you some effort to use the Java JAXB library / framework, that might make it a lot easier to convert from a KNIME table to the XML file you want to write to.

It’s an interesting problem, I’d love to hear how it goes.