XML Reader - URL does not exist error

I have an XML reader node set up to read a file available from a public URL. It has been working for several weeks without issue, but today I started to get an error saying that the URL does not exist:

There does not appear to be any change to the website. I can access it without issue from my browser, and the report is exactly the same as it always is:

Is there a way to fix this so it can read the data at this URL again? I can’t tell what’s causing the issue since the site clearly exists; the only thing I can think of is that maybe they’ve blocked remote requests to the page, lol.

Hello @cbirch ,

I think the problem is with the file you are trying to access.
It may be

  1. URL Change: The URL of the XML file might have changed.
  2. Server Issue/ Network Issue: The server hosting the XML file might be temporarily down or experiencing issues.
  3. Permission Issue: The permissions for the XML file might have changed, preventing public access. Verify that the file is still publicly accessible.

If the issue persist, can you share the url to the file?


Hello @cbirch,

You can also try Get Request Node to get the data…