XML Sitemap Reader and Knime 5.2.1

I am looking for a node that I can use to read a sitemap XML file by https and process it further. Apparently, the XML Sitemap Reader node from mmiagency is not compatible with the latest version of Knime.
Any ideas?

At first sight, this is can be home-baked quite easily using a meta node with an HTTP request and some XML parsing. This might be already enough as an “80% solution”.

If you dig deeper however you’ll come across nested sitemaps, gzip formats, redirects, invalid XML structures, potential infinite nesting and many other pitfalls which exist in the wild - these are the remaining 20% which are tough and tedious to get right.

We have this functionality ready-to-use in Palladian and I recently needed it in KNIME, so I built a node which will be available in the Palladian Nodes v3 which we want to release soon. If you want to have access right now, drop me an email to mail@palladian.ws