XPath Axes - Preceding Sibling - Not working with selector


I have made the following simplified XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<dl class="test">

And I would like to convert it to a table with three columns: Key1, Key2 and Key3

With the XPath node, if I use the following selector:

with as XPath Query for column name:

It works like a charm.

However if I add a selector to the first query, such as:

I get the following error:

Execute failed: XPath expression cannot be compiled

I have attached a sample workflow.XpathPreceding.knwf (11.5 KB)
Can you please help me?

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Hi there @sebversailles,

XPath node support version 1.0. If your syntax requires 2.0 or higher won’t work.


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Thank you for your reply.
However, if you look at your workflow the difference between the working and non-working versions is so slight that it doesn’t look like a Xpath version problem.

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Hi @sebversailles,

not sure. Maybe @armingrudd can help.


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Hi @sebversailles,

Your queries are fine. There should be a problem with the node.

This issue happens when you select value elements by a specific attribute and try to assign column names by a relative path to the value query. It does not happen if you select elements by index value.

I think this behavior should be reviewed by developers at KNIME.



Hi there,

ticket for this is created. (Internal reference AP-14091).


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