XPATH - Concatenate / string-join xpath query

Hi there,

I have a problem with XPATH. Its more to do with the XPATH query rather than the node. In the example below there are two elements, they are individually indexed.

<document> <Attribute> <Supplement index="1"> <SupplementType id="246" value="growthMem"/> <AmountPercent id="248" value="0.5" unit="uM"/> </Supplement> <Supplement index="2"> <SupplementType id="30" value="Amp"/> <AmountPercent id="24" value="100" unitId="92" unit="nM"/> </Supplement> </Attribute> </document>

I need to be able to extract the supplement data to build a supplement string;

<supplementType @value> <AmountPercent @ value> <AmountPercent @unit>

Can anyone either suggest a xpath query to return these values or a knime workflow that could do this.

Thanks in advance for any help,