XPath issue with large sets

dear all,
I got the following issue:I have a DataTable with about 10000 rows with simply an XMLCell and an IntCell. I want then to process it with XPath in order to extract a specific element. Interestingly enough, when the number of rows is about 100-200 then it works without problems, however when I scale it up to the real dataset then it delivers

ERROR XMLCellContent Error whiel parsing XML in XML Cell

ERROR XPath Execute failed: javax.xml.xpath.XPathExpressionException

and on the console it reports

[Fatal Error] :5:1821: Invalid byte 2 of 2-byte UTF-8 sequence

However, when I process the same data in small amounts, then there is no error, this means that there is no problem in the input data but somewhere in  Knime ???

Of course I put all memory parameters so that data is written to disk...

Any suggestion ?

Well, I could not find any problem in the data, therefore I've dumped the complete data into an Excel sheet, and then started a new workflow reading the excel sheet, passing it over to String To XML and then XPath .. and it worked without any problem.

Therefore, perhaps this is due to some memory limitation ...?

anyhow, workaround found.