XPath Node - Enhancement

Hi there,

As an enhancement can the XPath node allow for the use of external queries, I have 60+ queries that are difficult to manage in the node, and if you change the XML source, these queries are lost and I have to enter again one at a time. It would be good if there is another input into the node to enable connection of either a .csv file reader to hold the query list or another table to hold the query list.


Stanage (Rich H)


Hello @stanage,

Thank you for sharing your issue. Would you be able to display your setup a bit more in detail, e.g. by sharing an example workflow or a screenshot (with your workflow and related settings)?
From what I can tell now, I wonder if your desired functionality could also be bypassed with a flow variable. Would that work for you?

Best regards,

Hi Kevin,

Apologies I can’t share the workflow as it contains confidential data, I tried using flow variables, but I couldn’t get it to work. It would be good to be able to construct XPath queries, as you would the database node and be able to parse in variables into the XPath query string.