XPath: Support for version 2.0 or 3.1


XPath 2.0 was introduced back in December 2010:


And XPath 3.1 finalized in March 2017. What are the plans to upgrade to 2.0 or even 3.1?

PS: This is a formal request and less of a question but it requires some feedback by Knime member so people know what they vote for.


For reference, the original request: JSON to Table - #8 by ipazin

I can find no ticket reference and the topic meanders around a few subjects. Do you have a ticket?

I don’t but it’s probably easier for the devs to find it accordingly. There are a few more topics about this but they also refer to this post.

The post got closed back in June, 2023 as it was opened in April 2019 … more than five years ago. @ipazin back then mentioned a ticket was created. That topic however, since not being a feature request per se, cannot collect votes.

How shall this get handled?

Hello @mwiegand,

I don’t remember if I created ticket back then (probably did) and can’t check it anymore so someone else will have to jump in.


Hi, there is a ticket (internal reference AP-11745), but since 2019 there has been basically no more interest in the topic. Let’s see, if there is more demand now.