Xpath the first 2000 lines of problem


he first line shows the XPath in 2000.But for me 2000 lines of code which is necessary on the code.Is there any way of seeing this ?

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Hi ayaslica,

The XML-cell preview is intended to help you setting up your XPath query and not to inspect the whole XML code. 


The XML cell preview ia a very useful tool.

It helps to parse the document easily to people that is not to much related with XML.

Does anyone  knows if  there is an intention to improve this node in some way that you can collapse sections of the xml to make accessible lines of text over the 2000, or something like a "observation window" that could help in the same way?

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it really important problem, because it's support only xpath 1.0. some new command does not run. how can i change 2000 lines limit?

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