XPath Validation: Add indication which XPath fails to valididate


most often the XPath node has multiple paths. If one fails to validate it is currently difficult to determine which is at fault. I’d like to propose to:

  1. Add an Index in front of each XPath declaration
  2. Extend the console log with the corresponding declaration indexes that fail to validate

As follows the current experience:

PS. I believe I once suggested to also enable resorting the declarations. Using a drag and drop approach would be nice!


Dear @mwiegand,

Thanks for your feedback. I just created a new ticket for the suggested enhancement. (AP-20863)



The Regular Expression Node from Selenium has a nice feature I feed would add a ton of convenience to the XPath Node as well. The ability to go to / preview the next row would be tremendously helpful.

It would help identifying if there are more values to extract.

Another feature, the color highlighting, is also quite useful. Please note that I recently submitted another feature request about the XPath node already. Maybe you want to merge or link the posts?


(I went ahead and merged these two threads, as suggested.)