XSLT XML transformation performance

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Hi mwiegand,

After reading your post I’ve tried to use XSLT node as my goal is to collect dynamically each pairs of latitude/longitude values retrieved from a API call providing all polygons coordinates for each distinct areas/suburbs in France.

Here below a short extract of the XML input column i wish to collect in output as a list or something similar

=> There are roughly 119 pairs of distinct latitude/longitude values to collect for each distinct suburbs/areas (i want to recreate a multi polygon columns with all of these pairs).

You can see that XML body is made of 2 embed levels of item tags and 3rd level of item tags contains a pair of item tags (one for latitude and one for longitude).

I’ve checked on stack overflow multiple use case with similar situation such as this one :
So i’ve tried to adapt your Table creator node to create the appropriate XSLT template to be used to parse my XML input colum.

As i was not very confident with XSLT template using Table creator node then passed to String to XML node i’ve also emulate String to XML node content with a Column Expression (formated by defaut in String) then passed Column Expression output to a String to XML node.

Result of the String to XML node is the following one


But when i run XLST node i’ve got following error message in console window
Execute failed: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 1; columnNumber: 39; Unauthorized content in the prologue.

Do you have any idea what could be causing such a problem?
Do you think my XSLT model is syntactically correct to retrieve each pair of latitude/longitude values present in my level 3 item tag or not?

Many thanks for your reply.
PS : i’ve also read following post on Knime forum but it does not provide appropriate solution to my present use case.