Youtube comments analysis


Is there anyone has experience analyse comments in youtube using KNIME could advise me how to do it.

I am very new with KNIME. 

Thank you.

I can give you few pointers to get started assuming you are familiar with the way the YouTube API works.

1) Some time ago I have posted on my blog a short article on how to access the YouTube API with R. You can find it here.

2) KNIME has an R Snippet node which can run R code and return the results to KNIME. You can basically copy/paste and adapt the code above and it will work into KNIME. Very handy in this situation.

3) The YouTube API you need to work with to extract comments for a channel/video is called commentThreads.

4) Once the comments are in KNIME in the form of string data table, you can use the Text Processing nodes from KNIME Labs to do any kind of text mining on them.

Hope this helps!