Zip file and protect it with password


Is there a way to give a protection (password) to file I zip in Knime?

I was using Knime to divide data to some excel files. Now I want to zip each file (seperatly) but with password for each zip.

Node compress Files/Folder does half the job but what about password?

Is there a simple way to give it to file. So before opening the zip file we must enter a corect password.

Hi @89trunks , the Node compress Files/Folder does not seem to support password - no reference to it in the node’s documentation, nor do I see any option for it in the node configuration.

An alternative way would be to call the zip executor command line using the External Tool node instead of the compress Files/Folder node, and pass the password as parameter in the command line.


Can you guide me how can I do that?

I have excel files written in Group loop in specific folder. Now I want to zip each of file and give it a password.

Hello @89trunks,

@bruno29a is correct, Compress Files/Folders node doesn’t feature password protection option. I’m linking your other topic where you found a way so others who might have this need can find it:


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