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I noticed, that the ZIP Archive Connector node does not support all the compression methods ZIP does. It took me a bit to realise that the error message “Execute failed: Unable to access nhl_teams.csv” means, in this case, that the compression method is not supported by the node. Please find my tests at ZIP test – KNIME Community Hub
I compressed the CSV with 7-Zip with the standard ultra-settings.

I’d appreciate that the compression methods supported by the node were documented, either explicitly or by reference to the ZIP version a ZIP file must comply. ZIP-Dateiformat – Wikipedia lists a variety of pack algorithms supported by ZIP. Unfortunately, the English Wikipidia site does not sport such list. The spec’s chapter “4.4.5 compression method” might be a way, or the list of minimum versions for extraction in chapter “ Current minimum feature versions”.

And if the error message were more speaking, it would be brilliant. I do not know whether it is possible at all to detect that the failure comes from the compression method.

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@Thiemo.Kellner what you could do is use this node. It seems to support the other format mentioned:

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Thanks for getting at that and for the hint to the other node. Funny, there is not only one.

Be it as it may, I did not try it out, but noticed that at least on the web page of it, it also is not documented very thoroughly. The support of ZIP is generic too, and, funnily, it is said to support .tar.bz2, but not .bz2. I am well aware that if it supports .tar.bz2 then it must support .tar and .bz2. But for gzip, on the other hand, there is support for .gz and .tar.gz explicitly mentioned. To me, it also is a bit strange that the support should be tied to file name suffixes. .tgz is equivalent to .tar.gz . According to the list in the doc, .tgz is not supported, which is wrong, I am sure.