10 Knime Tips I wish I knew when starting with Knime

Hi Knimers,

I’m thrilled to share that I’ve been honored as the Contributor of the Month for June 2024! Since joining KNIME in 2018, I’ve been working almost daily with the software, and I’ve truly fallen in love with it.

As part of the KNIME Community Hacking group, I participate in UAT-Testing for new releases. My role involves providing feedback, reporting bugs, and suggesting features to enhance the KNIME software for everyone. I’m also dedicated to assisting the community by solving problems and encouraging more daily use of KNIME.


That accumulated knowledge over the years has led me to identify ten valuable tips I’m eager to share with you. I plan to publish a mini-series of articles here and also on my website.

For English speakers:

For German speakers:

If you have any questions, need assistance, or would like to provide feedback, please feel free to comment or reach out directly:

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Well deserved! Welcome to the COTM club.


Congrats @mwiegand. Well deserved and long overdue! A useful set of tips, and thanks for the component-mention in #8 :wink:

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“Good deeds will never go unpunished” :wink: You are welcome and thank you too @takbb & @ArjenEX !

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Congratulations for the well deserved award! :partying_face:

PS: your article title reminds me of Kesslers Knigge “10 Dinge die Sie nicht tun sollten, wenn Sie …” videos :joy:


As promised, my second article exclusively share in the Knowledge Sharing section with an example workflow. Please let me know your thoughts.

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