3D Scatter Plot (Plotly)

Dear all,
3D Scatter Plot (Plotly) does not display anything. If I move the mouse I sometimes see something for few milliseconds and than it disappears.
Please find attached the print screen of the plot download.


3d.zip (84.3 KB)

Hello @iiiaaa -

Can you provide the workflow you’re using to generate this plot, so we can determine whether this is a general problem, or something that’s specific to your machine?

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Thank you for your reply. Please find attached the Workflow

test.knwf (30.4 KB)

I’m not seeing any problems when I execute your workflow on my system.

What OS are you using? Do you run into any similar display problems when executing other Plotly or Javascript views, or is it just with the 3D Scatter Plot?

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I am using it on Widows Server 2016 - 128 GB Ram
and on Widows Server 2016 - 32 GB Ram
On both Server the problem is present only in this node. I am able to open the other plotly node with no problems.

Thanks. Are there any warning or error messages displayed in the log when you’re seeing this issue occur?

Thank you for your reply. There are no errors!

When Chromium launches to display the 3d plot, if you go (in the Chromium application) to View → Developer → JavaScript Console are there any error messages in that window?

Also - how are you connecting to Windows Server? (RDP? RemoteFX? Citrix?)

I am connecting to the server using Remote Desktop Connection through a jump server.
Please find below the print screen in Chromium

I’ve had remote desktop issue with Plotly in the past for plots that require WebGL. Chrome has hardware acceleration disabled when using remote desktop which causes issues for plots requiring it.


Yes - as @swebb says, there are problems using WebGL over RDP; Google provides a lot of complaints and no clear solutions in my brief survey. Sorry :- /

Ok thank you very much

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