ability to generate reports automatically, e.g. in PDF, PPTX or other formats.

i bought KNIME Personal Productivity
it says: "This extension also cinludes an enhanced batch executor which offers more parameterization and the ability to generate reports automatically, e.g. in PDF, PPTX or other formats."
but how can i do this?
where can i chose f.e. "save report as" in the workflow?

can you help me, please?


As far as I know you need KNIME Server to batch generate reports.

Hi both,

You can use the 'advanced' batch executor. Here's how you run it. Note the '-reportFile' argument:

wiswedel@bernd-ThinkPad-T440p ~ $ /opt/knime_server_4.2/knime_latest/knime -nosplash -application com.knime.product.reportbatch.AdvancedBatchExecutor
Usage: The following options are available:
-nosave           => do not save the workflow after execution has finished
-reset            => reset workflow prior to execution
-failonloaderror  => don't execute if there are errors during workflow loading
-updateLinks      => update meta node links to latest version
-credential=name[;login[;password]] => for each credential enter credential
                      name and optional login/password, otherwise its prompted for
-masterkey[=...]  => prompt for master password (used in e.g. database nodes),
                      if provided with argument, use argument instead of prompting
-preferences=...  => path to the file containing eclipse/knime preferences,
-workflowFile=... => ZIP file with a ready-to-execute workflow in the root
                      of the ZIP
-workflowDir=...  => directory with a ready-to-execute workflow
-destFile=...     => ZIP file where the executed workflow should be written to
                      if omitted the workflow is only saved in place
-destDir=...      => directory where the executed workflow is saved to
                      if omitted the workflow is only saved in place
-parameter=name,value => set a parameter on a Quickform node
                      'name' with value 'value' (possibly enclosed by quotes). -reportFormat=... => the format of the report to be generated. Supported
                    types are pdf, xls, ppt, doc, odp, odt, ods, and ps.
-reportFile=... => absolute path of the file to write the report to
                    if ommitted the report is written to destDir or next to
                    destFile as "report.[pdf|xls|doc|ppt|odp|odt|ods|ps]"
                    depending on the reportFormat.
-config=...     => an XML configuration file where one or several workflows
                    can be configured. If a config file is provided all other
                    arguments are ignored.
-example        => outputs a small example configuration file; all other
                    options are ignored.
Some KNIME settings can also be adjusted by Java properties;
they need to be provided as last option in the command line:
-vmargs -Dorg.knime.core.maxThreads=n => sets the maximum
                  number of threads used by KNIME

The following return codes are defined:
    0    upon successful execution
    2    if parameters are wrong or missing
    3    when an error occurs during loading a workflow
    4    if an error during execution occurred
    10    if the report cannot be generated
    12    if the report designed file cannot be read or if the final report cannot be written

- Bernd


Thanks Bernd. However the question by the OP was whether reports could be generated in a batch way using KNIME Personal Productivity he has purchased.

Is the AdvancedBatchExecutor available only in KNIME Server or also in KNIME Personal Productivity?


The advanced batch executor is part of Personal Productivity.

Thanks, good to know!

Dear knime users,

Maybe you can advice, how I can generate html reports automatically using AdvancedBatchExecutor in cmd(windows)?

I tried as wiswedel shown above, but I get exit code=4 (4    if an error during execution occurred)

as example a pice of my call here:

String call=knime+" -reset -consoleLog -noexit -nosplash -application com.knime.product.reportbatch.AdvancedBatchExecutor -nosave ";

My questions are:

1. Is is possible to generate html reports using AdvancedBatchExecutor for knime server 4.4.3 and Knime executor 3.3.2 on windows machine?

2. If yes, what is the correct syntax for calling?

3. if Not, what other method exists? Workflow no 1 need to call workflow no 2 for a list of input data.(data to report is part of the called workflow no 2).

Many thanks,



At this time(20180704), does this works? Where is the Personal Productivity? I can not find it.


Personal Productivity Licence is now open source I think.

Also check this regarding reporting and advanced batch executor:


Thanks for your reply! Ivan!
I get it:grinning: