Access DB Connection- no metadata available

I can connect to my .accdb database using the Microsoft Access Connector, but when I try to use the DB Query Reader node, the Database Metadata Browser displays “No elements visible. Maybe you need to refresh the metadata” but refreshing doesn’t help.

Any idea how to fix?

Hi @davlogmac , Welcome to the KNIME community.

Does this thread give any clues (specifically the bit at the end)

If you are using the KNIME 5.x modern UI, you may wish to switch to Classic UI for this particular troubleshooting so that you can then view the console log, in case that shows any error messages.

@takbb, thank you for the suggestion. I had seen that, but unfortunately it didn’t resolve my issue.

Upon further checking, I’ve found out that it is only linked tables which don’t appear in my metadata.

Is there a way around this, do you know?

Sorry @davlogmac , I’ve not used KNIME with an Access database myself. Although you can’t see the metadata, are you able to manually write sql for the tables.

Whilst accessing the metadata is useful for being able to write the code, I don’t think it is essential and I’m wondering if you can at least execute queries against those external tables if you know what the table and column names are.