Add a "fixed decimal" currency friendly data type

The ability to set and maintain a consistent 2 fixed decimal places for currency data throughout a workflow would make KNIME much more friendly to accounting and business users. The lack of ability to set a uniform decimal place presentation not only makes it more difficult to review and work with currency, but when the decimal place precision is inconsistent (such as when passing through nodes like GroupBy) and requires re-rounding by formula to return to fixed decimal currency amounts it can erode confidence in the appropriateness of the platform and calculation results.

Making currency more friendly and approachable would go a long way toward making the platform more approachable to a wider world of business users.

Hello @iCFO -

I can tell you that we have a ticket open for this (AP-17966), and I have added a +1 on that ticket from you. If there is an update on it we’ll let you know here.

Thanks for the feedback!

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The default view in the Node Monitor and Out-Port Tables for a fixed decimal or currency data type should be right aligned as well. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the quick response.

Hi @ScottF , it’s not really a must-have for me, but this has come up several times and it would be nice to have this feature. +1 for me please.