Add column with fixed value from title of Excel file

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I have a question. I am looking for the possibility to add a column with a fixed value to my excel file. However this fixed value should come from the title of the excel file, for example: the file is called 20200605_921_TK.xlsx. I would like to add a column with the fixed value of 20200605, a column with 921 and a column with TK.
Can anyone help me out on this, if this is possible?

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First read your file with Excel Reader. On Excel reader configuration Flow Variable tab find FILE CHOOSER group and inside it pick path_or_url variable. In the empty box input desirable name, say MyExcelPath.
Then using Variable Expression node extract parts of the MyExcelPath in 3 different variables and use Column Expression to add them to the original file.
Write file with overwrite option with Write Excel Writer node.

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The process is actually very straight forward. What you want to do is create a variable from the file name you read. Likely you will strip off the path of that variable to be left with just the filename. Then use a cell splitter to break the filename down by the underscore.

I attached a simple example using an exceSample 1.knwf (21.4 KB) Address Verification Codes.xlsx (16.2 KB) l file. But I used a space as the divider instead of an underscore. But I think you will get the concept.


You could look at this example:

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