Add values to a specific range in a table

Hi guys,

I know this kind of topic was brought up several times but I couldn’t find an answer that would fulfill my dreams. First of all, I am just a basic user and a noob at programming in Python or Java ( if that is the main issue, please let me know, area for improvement identified :slight_smile: )

I have a template ( from an Excel file) that I want to keep as such because I need to copy/paste that template in an instrument. However, this template needs to be populated with data (from a dictionary-kind of table) based on positions that are in the template. In other words, this is like a vlookup in Excel: if the data in the cell A is found in the dictionary, please report the data from the dictionary in cell B.

I have enclosed a picture that hopefully displays it better than in writing. The key is really that I’d like to keep the structure of the template. for instance the joining screws the row order and add missing values in cells that are out of the scope of interest to me.

Thanks in advance for your help, support and suggestion(s)

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