Add values to existing Excel Column?

Greetings. I have a question.

I’m new at Knime, and I’m using the tool to analize a couple of excel sheets to get some validations. I got that part right, however, now I need to go back to one of the sheets and add the True and Falses obtained to their respective row in the required column. How could I do that?
Thanks in advance

hi @TheFerydra , welcome to the community.

congratulations on using knime apps. knime is an excellent tool for data preparation, analysis, and visualization.

here are two scenarios (less or more) you might encounter:

  • scenario 1: if you are using to validate or screen your sheets and you only notice a small number of errors (e.g., missing data, unwanted spaces, …), my suggestion is to go back to the original spreadsheet and make the necessary adjustments to the respective rows.
  • scenario 2: if there are too many errors or adjustments that need to be made (e.g., to remove many missing data or add true/false statements …), use the appropriate nodes to make the changes and then write the results. (tip: try not to write to the original file unless you have to.)

if you still have doubt, many knime and data analysis experts here are available to answer your questions. hope you enjoy using knime apps.

knime beginner also
linux mint 21.2

@TheFerydra you can check these options. Maybe start with the Excel Cell Updater – KNIME Community Hub


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