Add warning for overflow errors


Knime conveniently provides meta data for each column type. @takbb and I noticed an issue about number accuracy in:

Since improving upon that inaccuracy is likely difficult to accomplish, I want to suggest to implement fail saves like a console warning with a corresponding node state yellow or even an option to error out if a overflow error occurred.

This would provide sufficient control, raises awareness amongst recipients (bcs. the audience is limited) and might prevent serious issues i.e. when one data type, like int vs. long, is used unintentionally.

Edit: Here is a test workflow. Amongst the used nodes (Math Formula, Java Snippet, Python Script and Column Expression), only the Column Expression for the type Integer has thrown an error:

ERROR Column Expressions   4:66       Execute failed: An error occurred in script 1:
Error occurred during the conversion of the result '-2.147483649E9' to 'Number (integer)':
Cannot convert to integer: number '-2.147483649E9' is less than minimum possible integer '-2147483648'.