Adding more design and variations to report

I have created a report with the BIRT extension. I want to add some background and want the report to look like a good magazine page. I tried looking up some videos on Youtube and Knime Website, but I need something more. Can someone help me out in it.
Thank you.
default_report (1).docx (140.7 KB)

Have you read these blog posts:


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some general hints have been given by @armingrudd. Without any details about your requirements it will be quite complicated to give more detailled support.
Maybe it would be a good idea if could give more details about your idea of “a good magazine”.
Do you have some drafts of your expected solution you could share?
What data do you have on hand?

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Hello @SupportOfficer2,

Hmmm… How does that look like? :smiley: