Address already in use: bind Error

Hi I am working with the Microsoft Authentication node for a DB connection.

The first field asks for Authentication mode which I chose Interactive Authentication.

I then click the login button then get in red text Address already in use: bind.

I have searched and found the following two threads regarding this, and have followed what little guidance is available there to no avail, and in one of them it doesnt seem to even be solved.

Anyone have any ideas or know where to get started troubleshooting this?

Hi @donpepe15

Usually when we use Microsoft authentication node and chose Interactive Authentication.

The Node temporarily opens a HTTP listener on a port 51355 to receive the authorization code from Microsoft. We get the Address already in use error when the port is already in use or if the previous logins are stuck.

Did we try to restart the KNIME analytics platform? also which version of KNIME AP are we using?

Nagarjun S


Thank you for your reply. Im up and running now.

For everyone elses benefit, I had to not only restart Knime but my entire computer. Thank you @nagarjun36 for hinting at the listening port. I then got a certificate error to which I quickly was a able to attribute it to a firewall issue.

Thanks again.

Hi @donpepe15 , restarting the whole computer is a bit extreme, though of course, it still remains the ultimate thing to do if all fails.

You may consider to simply kill the process that’s using the port - it sometimes happens that the process got “stuck”.

You can run the command netstat to see what connection and port is in use. If you run netstat -o, it will show you the PID (Process ID) of the connection. Look for which one has :51355 and then kill the process with the PID.

You can kill the process with:
kill the_PID
for example:
kill 1234


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