Microsoft Authentication throwing "address already in use"

After upgrading to Knime 4.4.1 any attempt to use interactive authentication with the Microsoft Authentication node throws “address already in use: bind”. Not sure how to debug this as it doesn’t indicate either which address and or/port its attempting to bind to that is already in use.

This was working fine until 4.4.1

Any thoughts?


Hi Joe @jguidera,

at what point does that error come up? As soon as you press “Login” in the configuration? Does a browser window open? One test might be clearing your browser cookies. Maybe something breaks when using the token that MS previously gave you for the old version.

I’m assuming you updated by installing a new KNIME version. Do you still have the old version?
Maybe you had a proxy set up there (File > Preferences > General > Network Connections)?

Kind regards


Error comes up immediately upon pressing “login”. A browser window does not launch. I am running the latest Knime (4.4.1). I do not have a proxy enabled/setup (defaults), however I hit the “reset to defaults” and it now seems to be working again (perhaps something screwed up in settings?)


How odd. Though I’m glad it’s now working for you.
Please let us know if this comes up again. Maybe there is a way to reliably cause this issue to come up.

Kind regards

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Not sure but will keep my eyes open for it. Does anyone know what port its’ attempting to bind to? I can also watch to see if I have some application that’s grabbing that port?