All excel files in one excel file delimited by tag

Good morning guys,

I have this situation:

In this workflow as you can see, I am working with 4 different files individually, but at the end I need put in together in one excel file delimitated by tags, like that:

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 09.47.52

but I can’t because the last node just give me an open file (If I select the option “open output file after execution”).

Have you any idea about how can I do something like that?

Hi @IvaR

Is this basically the same issue described in your other thread here, or are they distinct?

Hi Scott, you are right, as I don’t receive any response between yesterday and today, I looked for the publication and I did not find it and I thought that I had not done it. So I did the post again today. I’m very sorry, I try to delete it, but I can’t :frowning:

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No worries, I’ll just close this one to keep the forum tidy :slight_smile:

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