An error has occurred - see the log file

When I start Knime now, the splash screen appears as normal, but then after a bit I get the message An error has occurred - see the log file (in Configuration folder). Clicking OK on this dialog box closes Knime. Not sure how to attach the log file, have pasted it into the 'Revision history' box called 'Log message' below.

In my last working Knime session, before this started happening, I had installed the latest updates (as prompted in the Welcome screen), then I opened a workflow to work on, then I opened the DeepLearning4J 'introduction' example from the Example server, this prompted me to install some missing nodes, I clicked OK, after that some of the nodes in my already opened workflow stopped 'responding', e.g. I could not open the Moving Aggregation node to configure it - right-click on the node produced the menu, but selecting the Configure option did not result in any window opening -- double-clicking the node also did not produce any result. However some other nodes could still be opened for configuration, bith by the right-click menu and by double-clicking. After this setback I decided to shut Knime and restart it, at this point I started getting the 'error has occurred' messaage, i.e. I have not been able to restart Knime. I guess the simplest might be to uninstall and re-install Knime, however I'm posting the log in case there might be an easier solution, e.g. some kind of repair routine or safe-'boot' or something.

Hurrah. It started OK after I changed the value of -Dequinox.statechange.timeout in the knime.ini to a higher value - from 30000 to 90000 in my case (60000 didn't work). Thanks to Thor for suggesting this solution to an earlier post today.

and where is knime.ini located on a Windows computer ?

According to this post, it should be located here: C:\Program Files\KNIME\knime.ini but I do not see any such file in the installation directory. BTW, show hidden files in Windows Explorer is activated.

Hi @Geo,

the knime.ini file is located in the same directory as the knime.exe. Are you 100% sure you checked the right folder? If it really is not there, you can just extract a new one from the zipped archive file.


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Dear Marten,

Thank you for the quick response.

I am 100% sure that there is no such file in the said folder. Which zipped archive are you referring to ? You mean the zipped archive of the KNIME download ?

Yes, that is the file I meant.

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