Announcing KNIME Analytics Platform 5.1

Dear all,

We are excited to announce that KNIME Analytics Platform 5.1 is now available and ready for download. The new version not only features a modern interface, improved product onboarding, and a more intuitive way to build analytical workflows, but also unveils KNIME’s first generative AI capabilities.

The release’s biggest highlights include:

  • Sleeker UI with improved navigation, search, and workflow annotations to build workflows faster
  • A Starter Perspective with popular data manipulation nodes to prepare data quickly
  • New nodes for spreadsheet users such as Value Lookup to easily automate repetitive work and combine it with workflows
  • Our first KNIME AI assistant, a prototype, that answers questions and builds workflows and an early release of AI extension that lets you build your own AI assistant
  • Additional connectivity to 3rd party services, performance improvements, and Python extension enhancements
  • KNIME Reporting (Labs), users can now test out new static reporting capabilities available in Labs.

We appreciate all the feedback we have received. We tried to address as much as possible, but could not integrate each and every feature request. This doesn’t mean we are done and we will consider the feedback in subsequent releases. Please keep it coming.

You can find all information and download links to this release here, access the changelogs for KNIME Analytics Platform 5.1.0 and Server 4.16.5 for details. We would love to hear your feedback on the new features! Please use this forum thread to tell us what you like, what could be improved, and if anything is missing that we don’t have on the list of known limitations below. If you run into any problems please follow the Bug Reporting Best Practices.

The KNIME Team


Hi: The link for the MacOS 5.1 download (for the Intel architecture) appears to be incorrect.

Hovering over the download link shows: “”, but the actual file that is sent is: “”

Thank you.

That’s not intended. For me (Central Europe) it’s providing the correct 5.1.0 file. It’s either a caching issue in your browser (can you try a “private browsing”) or an issue with the content delivery network, short CDN, which is out-of-sync for your region. Where are you located? This would be the direct link to the file.


Regarding some of the node renames mentioned in the notes:

  • Variable to Credentials → Variable To Credentials
  • Variable to Table Column → Variable To Table Column
  • Variable to Table Row → Variable To Table Row
  • Table Row to Variable → Table Row To Variable

Am I drunk or is there no change?


It seems the link to the Windows zip archive is also incorrect. Still pointing to version 4.7.5

Do these options have to be mutually exclusive, @ArjenEX ? :rofl:


@wiswedel: In the Los Angeles, CA, USA area. Re-doing the download using private browsing (and in a different browser) worked. You are probably correct identifying it as a CDN issue. Thank you.

The issue described by jwjwj also exists for the Windows Installer. I tried it several times an I always get offered the version 4.7.5.

Self Extracting and Zip-File offers version 5.1.


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Hello. Based in France, Windows Installer is KO too. Points to 4.7.5 Installer. I tried several browsers, still the issue. Could someone correct the download page please?

Best regards,


Regarding some of the node renames mentioned in the notes:

  • Variable to Credentials → Variable To Credentials
  • Variable to Table Column → Variable To Table Column
  • Variable to Table Row → Variable To Table Row
  • Table Row to Variable → Table Row To Variable

Am I drunk or is there no change?

You are drunk. :slight_smile:

(The casing has changed. We are in the process to streamline node names based on a set of rules, one of which is that the nodes called “A to B” should have an uppercase “To” - we only change names of nodes that we touch during a release cycle, so there is still a mix of to and To in KNIME.)

PS: Took me 5min and a close look at the KNIME workflow that determines that changelist to find the difference.


There seems to be an ongoing issue in the CDN. Our origin server delivers the correct redirect since yesterday afternoon and the CDN should only cache these redirects for 10 minutes. Yet it still serves the wrong one in some areas. We tried explicitly flushing the CDN a couple of time already: I just issued another one right now. Eventually the redirect to 5.1.0 should work in all regions.


Hi, I updated to version 5.1 (love that the filter option is now fixed).

How can I activate the AI chat feature?


Once you sign into the Hub, then it should be active. You should just be able to type a question into the box on the bottom.

Tried after signing into the Hub but still doesn’t show:

Is it only for paid accounts?

Not just for paid accounts. It is working on my end. I have read other users having connection issues though. I would post a screenshot if you have an error message to help the support team try to narrow it down.


Silly question… how to do “save as” workflow from modern ui Knime 5.1? I see only “save” option.

Installed 5.1. Opened ap and all I get is a blank screen. This is not a great start.

New to KNIME: When I try to sign into the hub I get an error while retrieving server information for login. Can you help me? I love KNIME while I have used it but I cant get to the new AI, workflow coach or use any of the tools on the hub.


i downloaded and installed 5.1, but can’t seem to locate the old local file - workflows. Did 5.1 overwrite / delete that path?

I am really shocked to see the number of nodes listed as “available soon”… especially in the cheminformatic space. Quite a catastrophe for me. I guess I’ll be switching back to 4.7 since i really don’t want to rebuild anything on our KNIME server…