Announcing KNIME Analytics Platform 5.1


Can you provide some more info on this point: “an early release of AI extension that lets you build your own AI assistant”
Do you make a LLM available as a KNIME node?
Does it need GPU?
Do you build on an open source model like something from HuggingFace or is it a KNIME-developed LLM?
Do you have a link to this extension?


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me too, can’t save as a workflow, had to export it to another folder and then save
quit clumsy

the same thing, loggin ok, but no AI assistant

Dear @l6fader,

I am sorry about the current state of the community extensions.
The remaining trusted extensions will be made available within the next days (except the Signal Processing extension I am afraid).
However, all of these extensions are being made available by our (quite awesome) community. They provide their time and expertise (often for free) for all of us. Not all of them have the capacity to have everything ready when we release a new version. Especially, if there are bigger changes in the background necessary.

I am very aware that this is far from ideal. And I can assure you, that this is the top of my bucket list right now.

I will take your post as a compliment to the work of the community contributors and will keep the list up to date whenever the extensions become available. If you like, let us know which extensions you are using. I think that it is also nice for the contributors to see where their extensions are used.

Again, I am sorry and we are actively working with the contributors on it.



Hi @steffen_KNIME,

Thank you very much for your reply. Please do not take my comments as negative criticism. I am responsible for relying heavily on these outstanding community nodes and should have made the necessary checks before transitioning to v5.1. To be very clear, I am extremely grateful to everyone in the community and at KNIME who work very hard at contributing to the platform. You have all transformed my life.
What I was expressing was the sheer surprise that so many where not available- this had never happened to me before. I cannot recall ever having an issue with backwards compatibility following an upgrade. Since this does impact our team’s ability to work with the workflows we have deployed to the server (we heavily use CDK, Indigo and Image Processing nodes), my post was really intended to generate discussion with people in a similar situation so that we could together find a solution. I could have done a better job aiming for that outcome and for this I am sorry.

Thank you again for your reply.


Hello @Agi ,
you can find the KNIME AI Extension here.

TL:DR: We offer OpenAI, HuggingFace Hub, Text Inference Server, GPT4All connectors. We do not provide our own model.

We have multiple nodes to either connect to a service (OpenAI, HuggingFace Hub) which provide a LLM, Chat or Embeddings model as well as the possibility to use a self hosted (Text Generation Inference) or local (GPT4All) running model. Which means that you can choose which model you want to use. Depending on your choice, you might need a GPU.

After connecting to a model, you will be able to use a LLM or Chat Prompter to prompt the model or to create your own assistant with your own documents (Vector Store Creator) as a source. We provided a set of workflows (Chapter 1-3 + OpenAI Agent) to onboard you on how to use the nodes.

Does that answer your question?




I don’t know if my feature request is placed right here and if it was not answered before:

I have had a look into the new UI and it looks more modern and has some nice features for easier use. However, as a long term KNIME user, I am a bit lost sometimes missing my old features (switching back to the old UI then). For example, I am using really often the possibility to have two node outport windows next to each other comparing the results. As I can not find an option to do so in the new UI, I am lost. Could you integrate that option please? I understand there are limitations but in a web browser I can also open many Windows :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @mckenrd, is this still happening? Could you provide us please more information?

@Satrio_Prabandaru and @manugor — we have the “save as” functionality already on the radar, but in the end it did not make it into this release — will give it a +1 for each of you.

Dear @l6fader,

that was indeed very nice to read :slight_smile: thanks for the very kind words and compliments.

The remaining trusted extensions are available as of now (namely KNIME-CDK and KNIME Image Processing (changelog is not changing as fast as their status)) (and you might need to reload the trusted update site).
For Indigo I am currently investigating with its developers the last missing piece.

I hope this allows for full backwards compatibility for you within the next days.

Either way, direct feedback will always be valued and I am glad that we come together to exchange the views and priorities. I mean it.

Please continue sharing concerns and thoughts! I will continue to take them seriously.



Wow @steffen_KNIME!!! That is amazing! Thank you so much for get us back up and running. We really appreciate it!


Hey Lars,

we are currently investigating how this would be possible.


@Alex_JW Yes, thanks, this is very useful!

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Yes, it is still happening. If it is most likely something with our certs at work. Looking for a solution on that front first.

New UI is really coming along. I can see this being super useful to first time Knime users. Great work to the whole team!
It’s still missing a few key features I use daily (favorite nodes, workflow viewer) and is also running really slow on my one massive workflow. How do I switch back to the old UI? I don’t see the switch perspective option that was in the preview.

Hi @leftyhyzer16 -

See here:

Of course, I found the answer to my question a minute after posting. The node for this purpose is now called Column Renamed (Dictionary)


Was the **Insert Column Header** node removed or replaced with a new node?


When I search for this node in 5.1, I cannot find it and it is not showing up in KNIME Hub anymore.
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Same here! “Save as” option quite useful for worflow versions!!!

Hey @leftyhyzer16,

thanks for your feedback. What does massive in your case mean? Are we talking about 1.000s, 10.000s or even 100.000s of nodes and connections? And is it slow in general or are particular actions slow?


And, as we are speaking of missing functionality, now you can’t change the shape of connections or autoarrenge the nodes.
It quite annoying since in order to see some connections you have to move nodes around.
Best Regards, Manuel