Any process to extract the particular details from PDF FIle

Hi Team,

I have designed the workflow which is working fine in extracting the details from PDF and creating the output. But if I use the same workflow for another PDF File it is generating the output as not expected, there is a difference in the positions of the Extracted details from PDF file using Tika Parser.

So could you please kindly suggest any new process in extracting the Delivery Date, Quantity and Amount values from the first line in the PDF File.

Attaching the workflow and the PDF File with which it is working fine and also the PDF File for which it is not providing the expected output.

PO 4502617106.pdf.doc (59.0 KB) PDF Files for which it is not providing the expected output.

Automation-IDOC–Singapore—Main Workflow.knwf (380.7 KB)

SG 4503089325.pdf.docx (63.2 KB) PDF file with which the workflow generating perfect output.

Note: The PDF Files are of dummy data.

Thanks in advance,
Subramanyam Kinthada.