Assistance with Using Knime Email Connector (Labs) Node

I’ve been trying to use the knime email connector (labs) node with not much success. I’m using outlook and tried the following settings in the node with different port numbers

email server:
port: I’ve tried 993, 995, 110 but none seem to work

When I try 993 with my credentials it mentions “Execute failed: AUTHENTICATE failed.”; but I use that username and password to login for mail.

When I use 995 / 110 / 587, I get the following error message
Execute failed: Couldn’t connect to host, port:, (Port Number); timeout -1
→ I’m assuming these may not be the right port numbers.

I’m trying to access a mailbox to read the body of different messages and convert them into a table. I would appreciate your advise on the matter; is it possibly an IT restriction that limits the connection?

Hi there, just querying if there’s any advise you can provide. Thanks

Hello @Sajith ,

I used the following settings to connect to my personal email account:

Make sure to replace with your email address e.g.
If you use 2-factor authentication you need to create an App password as described here: Using app passwords with apps that don't support two-step verification - Microsoft Support


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Hi Tobias, thank you for you guidance. I think the issue on my end is the MFA verification step, I don’t have the necessary rights / access to be able to get an apps password setup - so I’ll probably will be unable to utilise the node.

Thanks in any case, was good to find what out what would be needed to enable it

Hello @Sajith ,
I’m sorry to hear that. We plan to provide a dedicated Outlook/Microsoft 365 Mail connector node which will support MFA based authentication via the Microsoft Authenticator node (internal ticket AP-19581). We plan to release the node with the summer release. But I cannot promise it yet since we haven’t started the development yet. I will keep you posted.


Glad to hear that Tobias, it would really benefit many of us. thanks

Hi @tobias.koetter ,
Regarding the usage of the Microsoft Authenticator node, you mentioned in this article [Microsoft Authentication/Sharepoint] that we need to grant consent to the Knime Azure AD App before using the node. But when i search the Knime APP in our Azure AD, i can’t find it hence i can’t also give the consent. How should we onboard the Knime Azure AD App to our Azure AD? Thank you in advance

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