Auto Arrange Functionality - Request

Hi ! Not being the most organised of folk when it comes to building workflows, I find the ‘auto-arrange’ facility can be very effective at rearranging into a more navigable and professional looking product, whether the whole thing or selected parts. However, the function does not respect workflow annotations or space taken by text added beneath the node to be more indicative of function. I wonder would it be possible to enhance this by stipulating padding around nodes and maybe anchoring annotations to a specific node so its relative position to that node is mantained ? A bit cosmetic I know but something which would help I think in producing more navigable and prfessional looking applications.


Hi @SteveThornton , believe me you’re by no means the first to wish for such a thing!

Does this extract feel familiar? :slight_smile:

(I was no doubt not the first either :wink: , but you may wish to add a vote on the above link if you feel it is sufficiently similar!)

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Yep, similar indeed - added vote… Another specific (forgive me if you did reference already) concerns the annotation beneath the node (default is the node id), where if entered text extends beyond the ‘node dimension’ then it is likely to overlap another when the rearrangement takes place. Not as big an issue as losing the focus on ‘workflow annotations’ but still often time consuming to sort out.

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