Automate Report (BIRT) creation

Dear KNIME community,

I wonder if I can automate the BIRT part (so to say) of KNIME as well? What I want to do is run my data through KNIME, give it a nice look in BIRT and then (eventually) send it by email.

In my test case I may want to do this for a lot of reports (like 50 to 100) so manually opening BIRT and saving it from there for each and every report would be very cumbersome.

I went through several posts and was pointed to this interesting entry by @stevens_albert , @armingrudd and @ipazin

Somehow I seem to have a problem to understand what it is doing: does the “Data to Report” node in the child workflow already apply the formatting / styles I set up once in BIRT?

Slightly confused :wink: :upside_down_face:

Thank you in advance for your kind help… :metal:t2:

Hello @kowisoft,

Yes. Less confused?

First thought was why are you opening another thread for same topic and then realized I closed previous one and suggested to open a new one… :sweat_smile:


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