Automatic updating of shared components across all workflows

We use shared components in almost all our workflows and they are stored on the server. When we make a change to these components, we have to manually update all workflows and redeploy to the server. It is very time consuming when we have 200+ workflows and when we are making changes and improvements to nodes very often.

This is similar to the question Update shared component in several workflows , but we don’t use the knime executor so solution won’t suit us.

Is there a way to automatically do it? Or if possible could there be a solution in the future e.g. right click on the workflow and have an option to update all shared component nodes and save?

Thank you

The problem is that the server does not have any logic for manipulating workflows. It basically just treats them as special files and when they are being executed, the executor, who knows what exactly a workflow contains and how to execute it, loads it from the server and starts the execution. The server therefore also does not know how to reset a workflow or update components in it. For that an executor is unfortunately necessary.
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