Update shared component in several workflows

I tried to use a shared component (within several workflows which are deployed to KNIME Server.
Basically the idea is to use the component to capture credentials which should be maintained only once, but are used in multiple workflows on the server.
I could only update the workflows after change in the component (absolute link) and redeploy the workflows to the server.
How can I update only the component - without redeploy the workflow?
(Or any better way to deal with credentials used in several workflows?)

Hello @Dnreb,

Sure, this is possible. You only have to activate the following option within the knime-server.config or the Adminstration page of the webportal.

com.knime.server.executor.update_metanodelinks_on_load=<true|false> [RT]
Specifies whether component links in workflows should be updated right after the workflow has been loaded in the KNIME Executor. Default is not to update component links.

This won’t change the deployed workflow itself but will use the latest updated linked components on each execution.


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