Automatically Export BIRT Report to local path

I have a workflow which ends with a ‘Data to Report’ node. Using the BIRT designer extension, I designed a report and would like to export it to Excel format from within the workflow (automatically). At this point, i can only export it manually via the Report Designer.

I read on a thread* that it should be possible via the ‘Call Local Workflow’ node. I tried this however when pointing the ‘call local workflow’ node to my workflow, it keeps resulting in ‘Execution cancelled’. Below is the thread and also the link to example**.

*How to export automatically Birt report viewer KNIME in pdf or other files ?

Does anyone has any solution to this please?

Hi there @ggalea,

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To my knowledge it is not possible to automatically export BIRT report using Call Local Workflow node or any other way using KAP. This should be possible using KNIME Server.

EDIT: Actually it is. See here: Loop through rows for multiple reports


Hi @ggalea,

I just tried it with my two workflows which normally produce PDF outputs. I changed them to XLSX output and it works as expected.

I used the the forum thread and the example you linked as starting point for my workflows, too. The problem must lie in your local workflow, but the message ‘Execution cancelled’ is not really helpful.
Without the error messages from the console or a minimal example showing the error, it’s only stabbing around in the dark.