automatize reset node function

Hello, I need to automatize the “running” of my workflow (I have not the Knime Server). So if there were a function to reset all worflow nodes, for example every 1 hour, I’ll get my target.
I’m reading similar topics (like the "BatchExecutor " named in the “Reset Node” topic) but I don’t understand them, I’m beginner.
I appreciate any reply.
thank you all,

Hello @mike6969 -

If you want to schedule workflow execution but don’t have KNIME Server, the workaround is to execute in batch mode, using something like Windows Scheduler to fire off jobs at your designated interval.

This forum post provides a bit more info, and some sample Powershell scripts you can adapt:

If you’re not using Windows OS, the process will obviously be different, but it’s still doable.


Before knime server i had this ETL workflow that was supposed to run every 1 hour so what I did was to setup a loop that had a Wait node right before a Variable Loop End node, where you can set the timmer to 1h. I was using a counting loop start node and set it up to very big number of iterations so it was practically running the same process every hour.

hope this helps!


thank you very much Scott.
please another question: is there a Facebook API connector node (like Twitter)?

Hi there!

Don’t think there is a dedicated connector node for Facebook.

Check this topic: Facebook & Knime

Additionally there is jdbc driver provided by cdata so with it you can connect to facebook data using standard KNIME database nodes. Haven’t tried it though.


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Thank you very much lucian