Bar Chart Configuration is not showing Columns for Y axis to select

Hi Team,
I am trying to plot Bar Graph using Bar Chart, but in configurations I am not able to select the columns as it is not appearing. I want to select one column for Y-axis and the other columns on Y-axis in Bar Graph. I have referred Example_for_JS_Bar_Chart, example is working proper but its not working with my data.
Please help

sample data:please ignore headers since those are coming proper in my actual data table.


Hi janki656,

it seems like all of your columns are string columns, but the bar chart expects some number columns.
In order to convert your string columns to number columns you can use the “String To Number” Node.


Hi DanielBog,

Thanks for your reply it worked. But what if column values contains stringvalues? What should i use in that case? Because, String to number is not working in case of string values.
Please help.

I have tried with Number To String and Namber to String(PMML) but not able to get the columns for Y-axis in the config of Bar Chart



Hi Team,
can someone help me on this problem?

Hi there @janki656,

closed your original topic as you opened this one. In order to help it would be good if you explain what do you want to achieve with visualization and also what kind of data you have?


Hi ipazin,
I have explained in this Plot issues with Columns and data
topic, please help since i’m stucked since so many days.