Birt Adding Page Number


Is there a way to add a page number in a Birt PDF Report?

Hi Django,

Yes, if you go to the Master Page, the AutoText section gives you the option to insert page numbers. You can add those to the Report Header or Footer.

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I think Iam blind. I can't find these option.

Thx, I find it



hola, me podrías ayudar. yo no puedo encontrar esa opción ?
Hello could you help me. I can’t find that option?

When you enter the BIRT Report Editor, and switch over to the master page tab. You should then see Auto Text category display on the left hand side.

Within this option you will then see options such as (‘Page’, ‘Total Page Count’, Page n of m’, etc).
These options you can then drag and drop onto your header or footer of the report layout.

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