BIRT, page number and page n of all

Sorry to bother you with this:
I would like to add “Page x of xy” in the footer under Master Page in a BIRT report > pdf. But I can’t get it to work!
Likewise I have already tried it with this “pageNumber”, but here it shows me only from page 3 a 2 and from page 5 a 3 etc. is this possibly due to the page breaks that I have installed?

I looked also here: Birt Adding Page Number
But hell, where is AutoText in the newest BIRT-Version.

Is there somewhere a description for it?

Many greetings


When you are in the report design you might change in the report to the tab “Master page”.
Then you should find “Auto Text” which includes e.g. the requested field “Page” and “Total Page Count”.

Sorry @knimediger , but I can’t see the forest for the trees. Where can I find “Auto Text”?

The MasterPage is literally where your mouse is in your screenshot :sweat_smile:. The Auto Text stuff is then in the lower left:

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So, it was not easy. For me, it only displayed the palette after “Reset perspective” on the right side. Before that I could not see it. And then desperately searched under “View” :-(. But now everything is there and then it is easy!

Thanks to you guys!

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for all those who are perhaps also desperately looking, perhaps helpful:

Glad it worked out.
The BIRT GUI is pretty complex, I remember being super confused when I worked with it the first time. :smile:

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